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Annual General Meeting of WSO

NOTICE is hereby given that the delayed 2015 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of WANDSWORTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA will take place in the nave of St Mary’s Church, Putney Bridge, SW15 1SN on Wednesday 2 March 2016 at 8.15pm.


If you wish to stand for membership of the Committee now is your chance. The current Committee are:


Evelyn McDermott – non-playing Chairman

Sian Parkin (Harp) – Hon.Secretary

Keith Penfold (Violin 1 Desk 1) – Hon.Treasurer

Angela Wilson (Flute) – Players’ Manager

Simon Kolka (Cello) – Marketing

Lindsay Fresson (Violin 1 Desk 2)

Tim Elliott (1st Bassoon)

ex-officio Leigh O’Hara (MD)

ex-officio Mario Basilisco (Leader)


The Committee have all indicated that they wish to stand again. The Committee propose, however, formally to co-opt Frances Hall (Flute) who has volunteered to become our new Hon.Treasurer. Keith Penfold has announced his intention to retire from the orchestra in July 2016, after 40 uninterrupted seasons as a member. Keith will stand down after the Summer 2016 concert. Between two and three months after that, he and his wife will be moving to Poole, Dorset. 


The Committee also propose formally to co-opt Chris Huckle (Horn) to coordinate our advertising.


The meeting will be short and take place before the coffee break. It will:

  • Have a short welcome and overview introduction from our Chairman Evelyn;

  • Receive the Treasurer’s Report for September 2014 to August 2015 from Keith;

  • Approve the following minor numeric changes to our Constitution, which reflect current money values that we advertise:

    • Paragraph 9. FRIENDS & COMPANY SPONSORS. Individuals wishing to become Friends of Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra shall pay an annual subscription of a minimum £50.00 or such higher sum as the Committee shall decide.

    • Paragraph 11. SUBSCRIPTION. The subscription payable by Playing Members shall be £60.00 per term or such other sum as the Committee may decide. The subscription is payable in advance and is due for payment at the beginning of the term in question. Re-elect the Committee en bloc and welcome Frances and Chris; 

  • Take any questions from members and deal with any other pertinent business.


If you wish to raise any questions or have any other business at the AGM,
please email in good time before 2 March.

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